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The Genie Got Mugged In The Bottle

Sonal Panse,

The Genie got mugged in the bottle

We heard this morning from Mr. Cottle.

Mr. Cottle is our milkman

He knows more than our newsman.

He shook his head and said

Poor Genie, they left him for dead!

We gather ‘round and asked, Who?

Mr. Cottle shrugged and said, Ask my shoe.

The point is not who done it

But why they done it.

It is a sign of modern awful times

Why, people even attack glass window chimes!

It’s that sort that went for poor Genie

Who else would bother with that weenie?

Why, if you asked him for one wish

You got pelted with spiny fish.

The last time I asked him for three

I got to wash three dozen dirty dishes for free.

It's no wonder he couldna muster up no self-defense

You need powerful stuff to deal with the nonsense.

They say he tried to conjure up a ferocious dog

And what hopped away was a large green frog.

In this Age, magic don’t work.

Or else, we said, Genie is too much of a dork.

We mustn’t say it e’en if it’s true, said Mr. Cottle

Afterall, the dork did get mugged in the bottle.